The 10th Aniiversary Of An Tam Construction And Trading Company Limited

MONday - 26/11/2012 17:23

ANTACO was established in February in the year of two thousand. After ten years of operation, we’ve got rewarding achievements as followings
The 10th Aniiversary Of An Tam Construction And Trading Company Limited

- The company legal capital has increased five times, from ten billion to fifty billion Dong.
- The staff has increased ten times, from 25 engineers & officers and 150 workers to now 250 engineers & officers and 1500 workers.
- The revenue has increased ten times, from 30 – 40 billion dong in the years of 2000 and 2001 to 300 – 400 billion dong nowadays. So the average increase rate has been about 30 per cent a year.
- Another two branches were established in Binh duong and Cantho.
- Our company has invested in a steel structure manufactory; furnish construction vehicles and equipments worth over 30 billion dong.
- We have invested in the housing project of a 150-unit residence area in Long Thanh, Dong Nai province, high quality resort in Dalat City, pork farms, wooden furniture plant of more than 50 billion dong. We have completed the procedures of the projects of real estate and resorts, and we are now preparing technical designs so that we can start execution in the middle of this year. The estimate cost invested for these two projects is over 300 billion dong.
ANTACO is proud to be a professional construction contractor with staff of engineers, officials and workers who have been always devoted, responsible, progressive and loyal to the company. Thus ANTACO have gradually built the prestige on the market, operated well, pleased the investors, and got along well with all of our partners.
In the coming years, ANTACO will aim at the sustainable development in industrial construction, multistory building projects, traffic construction projects, and we also invest in the project of real estate, resorts and other projects. We will expand the joint venture and cooperation with domestic and foreign partners in order to wider the market, wishing to achieve the development of 20 – 25 per cent a year.
ANTACO will also pay attention on supporting to build houses for the poor, to offer scholarship to poor students. We intend to invite our friend companies that cooperate with ANTACO to establish a company group to help the poor families and communities. The group will raise the fund and carry out some proposed charity projects. So, there is not only economic relationship between us, but also aim at other noble purposes together.
We appreciate the help and cooperation of the investors, Main Contractors, government offices, tax offices, design and consultant companies, friend companies, banks and all of our friends, and would like to express our gratitude to all of them. We expect them to continue supporting, helping and cooperating with ANTACO in the future, so that we can continue developing in an increasing and high competitive economy of our country.
We would like to thank our engineers and staff and workers who have work very hard in the office, as well on the construction sites over the whole country.  
ANTACO wish to become a more professional contractor, a methodical investment company, and expect that the members in the company treat one another like family members with care, respect and help each other for our better life.

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